CroDrive Sp. z o.o. owner of the brand, as a carrier, is obliged to pick up the passenger from a pre-agreed place and transport him to the place indicated during the booking of the trip.


Delays due to random and independent reasons from the carrier, as well as the incorrect address provided by the passenger are not subject to complaint.


Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited in the vehicle.


People under the influence of alcohol and behaving cumbersomely towards the rest of the passengers must be aware of refusal to continue transport.


The passenger is obliged to:

  • possession of a document entitling him to cross the border
  • waiting at the agreed place and at the right time
  • follow the driver’s instructions
  • present the required documents in the case of control
  • provide an exact destination address
  • wearing the seat belts in the vehicle
  • respect and leave tidiness in vehicle


The passenger is responsible for any damage caused to the carrier and other passengers.


The passenger is covered by accident insurance (NNW). This insurance covers only situations that may occur during the Passenger’s stay in the vehicle. Any random event causing any damage outside the vehicle is not covered by this insurance.


The passenger has the right to take 2 pieces of luggage that are free of charge (one large suitcase up to 35 kg or 180 l and one small carry-on baggage is allowed) If passenger have to take more baggage its, he should report this fact when booking a trip. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for excess baggage carried.


It is forbidden to carry luggage, as well as to carry materials and objects that may endanger the safety of transport, create the possibility of harm to other travelers or the Carrier and expose travelers to uncomfortable conditions.


It is forbidden to carry goods the carriage of which is not permitted under separate regulations.


In case of reasonable suspicion, the driver can check if the contents of the baggage shipment do not violate the above-mentioned conditions.


Reservations are made via the booking form or by phone.


For one-time payment at the time of booking, a 5% discount is granted


When booking a trip for more than one person, you must deposit the entire amount or advance payment of 50% of the order to the bank account up to 1 day after booking. If an advance payment is made, the remaining amount must be paid 8 days after booking. Please note that the payment must be allowed to be extended no later than 8 days after booking. In the absence of informing CroDrive Sp. z o.o. about the reasons for the delay in payment, CroDrive Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to cancel the ticket in question and deduct a processing fee of 100% of the advance payment.


The passenger has the right to a refund of the ticket or advance payment for the trip up to 7 days from the date of booking (up to 21 days before the date of departure) without giving reasons CroDrive Sp. z o.o. will refund 100% of the ticket price to the account provided by the passenger.


In matters not covered by the above Regulations, the following provisions apply: – Act of 15 November 1984, Traffic Law (I.E. Journal of Laws of 2000 No. 50, item 601; as amended.) – Act of 23 April 1964 civil code (Journal of Laws of 1964 No. 16, item 93; as amended).

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